beast super

Beast Super Signal Forex Indicator.
It is a very powerful indicator of a higher time frame.
Use with other Trend Indicators.
Highly recommend H4.
The indicator has an alert option.
This Indicator has up & down Arrows. Arrow signal validate after closing the current candle.
you can apply for any time frame & any currency pairs.
you can change indicator settings as you wish.

Arrow signal validate after closing the current candle.
you can apply for any time frame & any currency pairs.
you can change indicator settings as you wish.

Inside of Beast Super Signal(Default Settings)

1.Signal Deviation -5
2.Signal backstep -3
3.Stohastic len -7
4.Stohastic filter -0.0
5.Stohastic Overbought level -70.0
6.Stohastic Oversold level -30.0
7.MA Trend line period -10
8.MA Trend line Method -Simple
9.MA Trend line Applied Price -close price
10.MA period -15
11.MA shift -0
12.MA method -simple
13.MA Appiied Price -close price
14.Use Alert -true
15.Use push -true
16.Use Mail -true
17.Arrow shift at points -50

This is AUDUSD H1 time frame.Breakout Indicator settings was change.

See image. This is the best setting for Breakout Arrow.

Signal Deviation -5 change to 130
Signal backstep -3 change to 115
Stochastic len -7 change to 80
MA Trend line period -10 change to 100
MA period -15 change to 100

Sell trade,
It has 126 profit pips. The trend still continues.Stop loss is can use to Trailing stop to secure your profit.

This is the USDJPY M15 time frame. See another setting for the Breakout indicator.

Signal Deviation -130
Signal backstep -115
Stochastic len -80
MA Trend line period -50
MA period -50

Buy Trade,
It has 57 profit pips. Stop loss is 15pips. You can use to trailing stop to secure your profit.
There is a reversal arrow. So you can close the trade at the opposite signal.

This is the EURAUD H4 time frame. Breakout indicator with another good trend indicator.
before you enter with arrow you can confirm reversal from Deep trend indicator. Don,t enter trade at high impact Fx news time.
Sell Trade,
It has 297 profit pips. Place stop loss to a higher high. Sell confirm by Deep trend indicator.
You can exit your trade with an opposite arrow or if not you can wait until deep trend line change to Blue.


White Arrow


Red Arrow

Breakout Signal Forex Indicator Free Download


  1. Admin,

    Could you please fix this Breakout signal Indicator. After loaded into the Indicator folder. In mt4 the Indi get vanished. I guess it is coded like that.

    • I appreciate your notice.thanks a lot.I fix that issue and re uploaded new indicator.

        • yes. it disappear little. like high impact market news.but personally i also trading with is good indicator and profitable indicator.

          • Hi,

            What else are you using to trade with it please? The indicator repaints and disappears sometimes. I use Deep Trend but it seems that it is not suffisant.


          • Use stop loss level for lower will minimise your loss & increase profit

  2. Khurram Shehzad Reply

    Beast Super Signal is a little repaint but over all its a good indicator and surely a profitable.
    There is another indicator named breakout, my question why the name are different but actually both indicators are the same.
    with same input options. Please explain then what is the breakout for ? while both indicators are the same.


  3. hi admin
    tnx for share this indicator. but I found a bug. when change input for use to less timeframes (ex 15 min) don’t show arrow on candlesticks. please check and fix it.
    thanks a lot.

  4. Manny Sanchez Reply

    Hello admin,
    I am trying to sign in but, is not giving me the option for to set my password.
    Any thought?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Rosilatulakma Mustaffa Reply

    Hi, when I change the setting as recommended by yoursef, the arrow does not appear. As for the default setting there is no issue. Please assist and is the setting recommended is still valid and is it the best setting to use? Thank you so much.

    • I was checked it. There is a issue with changing settings. I’ll check & correct sooner.

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