Forex market Strength indicator is a powerful tool for trading forex. If you use currency strength you can archive good performance for your trading history. Currency strength depends on the economic & political decisions of the country. If the currency becomes too strong we must buy that forex currency. If the currency becomes too weak we must sell that currency.

How to use the Forex market Strength indicator.

As an example, if GBP becomes strong we must Buy GBP. If we buy the GBP the results are as shown below.


1.If The beginning currency becomes to strong-Buy that forex currency pairs.
2.If The behind currency becomes to weak-Buy that forex currency pairs.
3.If The beginning currency becomes to weak-sell that currency pairs.
4. If The behind currency becomes too strong- sell that forex currency pairs.

This forex strength indicator shows us the strongest & weakness of currency pairs. So we can easily trade using this indicator. The forex indicator shows weakness & strong currency pairs for all time frames. This indicator only forecasts currency strength. So there is no guide about entry point or exit point. Once you get an entry point from your forex strategy then you can get further confirmation with this forex indicator. Use only to identify currency pair movement direction.


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