Forex mt4 YMS scalper is a non-repaint indicator system. It’s only good for scalp trading. This system is good for any time frame. It can use any currency pairs.

What is Forex scalping?
Scalp trading is Catching little pip amount spending little time. You don’t need to focus or analyze the whole chart in every time. You can enter to trade with confirmation & you can exit with little target profit pips. If you are a scalp trader you must analyze the chart faster in your trading time. You must select a good session with your experience.use non-repaint forex mt4 indicators to confirm entry point. Please remember to use a low spread forex broker platform to scalp trading.


How to trade with YMS Scalper?

Enter to Buy
When appearing Blue arrow you can enter to buy trade.

Enter to Sell
When appearing Pink arrow you can enter to sell trade.

Exit from every trades when you get 5-10 pips profit.

You can use to auto take profit stop loss expert advisor to place stop loss & take profit. This forex mt4 expert advisor will close the trade once it hit target profit.

Special to scalp trading.
Use zero spread forex mt4 platform.
Use a big lot size to trade as you can invest.

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