Forex Online Trading Classic Template

Forex Classic indicator
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Forex Online Trading Classic Template.

This is a good trading strategy. Some indicators are repaint. but you can enter the trade when all indicators together. If you trade a 1-hour time frame follow the trend of 4 hours. Be aware of high-impact Forex news. Don’t enter to trade before 30 minutes of high-impact news. Enter to trade after 30 minutes of high-impact news. If you care about news and trend you can get green pips with this system easily. You can use the Forex Online Trading Classic template for any time frame or any currency pairs. Once, appear all indicators together, you can enter to buy trade or sell trade.

How to trade with this Forex template.

If you want to enter for a buy or sell online forex trade, wait until met all following conditions are met. When, big red arrow, blue arrow white arrow, yellow star appear together below candle you can enter for a buy trade. If big red arrow, blue arrow white arrow, yellow star appear together above candle you can enter for a sell trade.

You can exit your forex trade once you get one of the opposite signals. Otherwise, you can wait to exit until appear all indicators together. If you like you can exit with target profit pips. Place your stop loss for the higher high or lower low point. You can use the support and resistance line for further confirmation. Remember, definitely place stop loss. If increased market volatility your forex account will be a loss. So, place target stop loss pips, that you can take a risk.

Red Big arrow below the price
Blue Arrow below the price
White Arrow below the price
Yellow Star below the price

Red Big arrow over the price
Blue Arrow over the price
White Arrow over the price
Yellow Star over the price

Exit forex trade
when all indicators appear together or as your own exit strategy.

Place SL. higher high or lower low of your entry point.

Forex Classic Indicator Free Download


  1. Been looking for this indicator since months. Thank you very much for making it available here. God bless you and make your wishes come true.

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    I hope this mail finds you well .

    Firstly i would like to thank you for the free downloads you provide for us as we embark on the Forex journey . Every time i download the Forex Classic Indicator it is a rar file and it gives me hustles when it comes to loading it on my laptop . Is there another type of file you can provide for me which can be easier to load please.

  3. Is very difficult to believe that the indicators can be free but when downloaded, I believe its real. Meanwhile, I need E-mail of a type. the file rar is much difficult. Thanks in millions


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