Forex Reviews- Bollinger Bands Stop Indicator

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Forex Reviews- Bollinger Bands Stop Indicator is a non-repaint indicator. The signal does not disappear. Not later appear. So it gives you more weight for your entry point.
It has an alert. When using the Bollinger Bands Stop indicator you must follow the trend. Don’t enter the opposite forex trend. You can change indicator settings as you wish. Don’t enter the ranging market. Don’t enter a trade when high impact news time.

Bollinger band is a good forex technical analysis tool. It has three lines. which are the Upper band, middle band, lower band. The upper band shows us strength. That is the overbought level. The lower band shows us weakness.

How to trade from Forex Reviews- Bollinger Bands Stop Indicator

That is the Oversold level. When the price touches the upper band, you can decide the trend is bullish. When the price touches the lower band, at that time the trend is down. Some time this forex indicator gives us a false signal. So you must filter that signals. for that, you can use a moving average,macd, RSI. On the other hand technical indicators, forecast signal using past historical data. But fundamental analysis can directly attack for that. So, important to read forex market news.

This forex indicator used to measure market volatility. when the price is quite, at that time Bollinger bands going together. when price moves up or down on that time bands are expanding. On the middle line of the B band,

the price can be reversed. This forex indicator made using from B band. Suitable any time frame, or any currency pairs. If you using a lower time frame with this indicator, You can filter trend from higher time frames. This indicator, good for forex scalping with lower time frames. you can exit with your targeted pips. So you don’t need to stay a long time with your trade.


If you are using any forex trading system, please practice on demo account. After you get confident with your strategy, then you can enter to real account. Follow good money management to grow your forex account.

Blue Line.


Stop loss

Higher high or Lower low.

as you wish.

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