Forex swing trading IMDB Indicator

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Forex swing trading is a good technical tool. Its forecast white up arrow & green candle for buy trend. For the sell trend, it will forecast a white down arrow & red candle. This is not a non-repaint indicator. But, for higher time frames it will give strong signals. So this indicator good for a 4-hour time frame & 1-day time frame. You can use this indicator with other analyses. This indicator is good for any currency pairs.

How to trade with Forex swing trading IMDB Indicator.

See the above picture. IMDB Forex indicator has combined with a lucky reversal indicator. Lucky reversal indicator will issue a blue arrow with a blue line for buy trades. It will issue a red arrow with a pink line for a sell trade. In the above picture, there are three buy trade-in uptrend. Lucky reversal forex indicator has issued a temporary signal as a white square. Now time to exit all trades.
IMDB indicator has issued a down arrow signal. But you must wait until appear red arrow & pink line of the lucky reversal indicator. Once appear that signal, you can enter for a sell trade.

In this method, the lucky forex reversal indicator will be working as a support & resistance indicator. So, once you get a signal from the IMDB indicator on that time price must be near lucky reversal indicator. If the price is so far to that support line or resistance line, don’t enter for a trade.

See the above picture. The forex reversal indicator issued only a temporary signal. So there is no confirmed trend. That is a ranging period. At that time IMDB indicator has issued so many false signals. So, at that time you can avoid those false signals.

See the above picture (Gbp Usd forex currency pair, 4-hour time frame). Last sell trade is still running. No opposite signal. So you can wait until appear opposite signal. If not use a trailing stop. Otherwise, you can exit with target profit pips. Also, you can place stop loss previously higher high or lower low. Avoid any signal within a high impact Forex market news period.

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