The free Forex trading vertex indicator is a popular technical tool for use to forex trading. A lot of people like to combine technical indicators with their system. The important thing is forex technical indicators didn’t say definitely it helps to market reversal. They only give possible signals to ready for us. The success of forex technical indicators depends on our strategy.


How to install Free Forex Trading vertex indicator.

Open forex meta trader platform>open data folder>Open MQL4>open indicator folder>insert ex4.files>open template folder>insert tpl.file>restart meta trader platform.Otherwise refresh navigator.

How to trade from the vertex indicator.

Buy forex trade.
When you get a light blue square and a dark blue dot together, at that time you can enter for a buy trade.
Sell forex trade.
When you get a light purple square and a dark red dot together, at that time you can enter for a sell trade.

When you use this free forex indicator read forex news before entering trading.Use stop loss for a higher high or lower low level. you can exit the Forex trades with your target profit pips. Otherwise, use a trailing stop to exit the trade. Also, you can exit with opposite signals.


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