Free trading indicators-TMA Slope

TMA Slope Forex Indicator
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Free trading indicators-TMA Slope is a good technical indicator. FOREX(Foreign Exchange) is the biggest market in the world. Always good Forex indicators help to identify about Forex market liquidity. With fundamental analysis. 10.2 TMA slope indicator is the best tool to clarify market strength and give it good promising to where you want to enter a trade. Don’t enter to trade with Ranging market. Absolutely you can identify market strength from this indicator. Also, the indicator gives us a signal about the ranging market. You can change indicator settings as you wish.

How to trade with Free trading indicators-TMA Slope.

This indicator shows us the current strength of currency pairs. If the market is weak down it shows us in a red color candle. If market strength is strong it shows us in a green color candle. In this situation, you can enter a buy trade or sell trade with your other analysis. Pink & Blue color candles represent the ranging market. If you change (select other tf- to- show) in inputs, then you can see trend strength of other time frames. If you trade in a 1-hour time frame, once you change the above settings as 240 (4 hours), an indicator showing us, currency strength of a 4-hour time frame. Otherwise, if you trade in a 1-hour time frame you can see currency strength of a 15-minute time frame. Change indicator settings as 15 minutes in inputs of indicator settings.

This is a good option when Forex trading. Simply you can identify about trend & you can enter & exit in, correct time in your trade. If indicator shows you ranging market, at that time doesn’t enter to trade. At that time you can enter scalping trade with using support resistance indicator. Decide your take profit as your trading plan. Also, place stop-loss levels for higher high or lower low levels.

Green Bars

Red Bars

Use SL & TP in your own way.

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