Dashboard by Market Makers Method was created with all levels of traders in mind. Whether you’ve been trading for several years and have made it into a full time career or are new to trading, Dashboard should be a part of every trader’s strategy. Powered by AI, Dashboard pinpoints market reversals and tells you when a new trend has begun, indicated by the PFH or PFL. “Our mission is to give the every day trader the tools and power to be profitable by helping traders select their trades according to the direction the market is headed in” says Nick Nechanicky, CEO of Market Makers Method. Thousands of financial instruments such as currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices plus many more are supported by Dashboard making it an asset for all traders. Gold check marks are used to indicate fresh peaks (new trend) and pairs are set to have a PFH (Peak Formation High) if the pair is bearish, or a PFL (Peak Formation Low) if the pair is bullish. “Having a strong foundation and the right tools is necessary to be successful as a trader which is why we have not only created the AI trend detecting algorithm, but have also created a community of Dashboard traders who connect through our Telegram group chat which is accessible to all members” says Nick. For new members the University section offers tutorials and examples of how to take trades using Dashboard as a guide. Within the first 6 months over 15,000 customers joined Dashboard and that number grows consistently. Our presence on social media has also exploded since the beginning of Dashboard. With over 40,000 followers over all platforms, daily posts displaying Dashboard trades, reviews from our subscribers, tutorials and live trades and much more keep Dashboard members informed and educated.

Market Makers Method’s most recent venture is the Dashboard Autonomous Trader: a software that mirrors every single trade taken on the company’s master account by their team of professional analysts. With the Dashboard AutoTrader there is no need for you to learn how to trade yourself while still making a profit. In the works is their very own broker called Tradiso. Tradiso is a CFD broker with 1:00 leverage with the lowest spreads in the industry and will be available to traders from all countries. 

Based in Miami, FL, Dashboard continues to grow, along with its community of traders every day. “We are revolutionizing the trading industry and helping people all over the world build their wealth through trading financial instruments.” Learn more at https://marketmakersmethod.com or follow us on Instagram @marketmakersmethod. 
Here is an example of how Dashboard is utilized.


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