Robert Kiyosaki

Almost everyone seeks wealth, but not everyone knows the most effective methods of earning. The experience of Robert Kiyosaki, an American from Japan, a famous businessman, author of the popular book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, inspired thousands of people. A businessman spreads the idea that anyone can become rich, and for this, exhausting work and education are not so important. 

According to the Kiyosaki system, a person is able to make a fortune in his youth and retire from life for life, further doing whatever he wants: wealth will only increase. But in practice it is more difficult to realize than it seems at first glance. You need to know the main rules of the system. We will tell you about them.

1. The desire to get rich must be very strong

It all starts with inner desire, and in the case of wealth, it should guide you. Kiyosaki advises sincerely get angry at poverty and start wholeheartedly striving for financial independence. This passion will lead you to success. 

2. You need to be sure that you are worthy of wealth

If you think you will never get rich, it will be so. Until you believe that you are worthy of expensive things, you will not have them. To become a rich man, one must begin to think like him.

3. No need to be afraid to lose money

Robert Kiyosaki

Before you become truly wealthy, financial loss can greatly undermine your self-confidence. One must be prepared to fail nine times in order to get a stunning result on the tenth. If you cannot drive away all fears and worries, you constantly doubt that the chances of getting rich are slim.

4. First you have to save

No matter how strong the temptation to spend money on expensive things, financial investments should be priority on the path to real success . At first, you will have to invest any income in the business, but when the investment pays off, you can buy everything you want. By doing the opposite – buying equipment, a car, an apartment for the last savings or on credit – you do not become richer, but poorer.

5. Less liabilities, more assets

Liabilities are those that do not generate income, but require investment. For example, the house in which you live, and not rent out; a car that you just drive but don’t earn. Assets are profitable. This is a business, investment, real estate that is rented. Without the right amount of assets, it’s hard to get richer.

6. Do not be afraid to leave work for business

Robert Kiyosaki

The main paths to great wealth are investing or a successful business. And you can do this even without start-up capital. All that is needed today for success is a freshly thought out idea and perseverance in its implementation. Therefore, do not put off dreams until “better times”, holding on to an unloved, albeit stable, work. 

7. You can invest with small capital

In the age of technology, when any information is available on the Internet, there is no room for excuses that you do not have a large amount of money or the necessary knowledge. Start investing with small investments. And you can find out about the most profitable and suitable methods on the Web. Get rich really on real estate, stocks, bank deposits, precious metals and much more. By learning how to make a quick profit from investments and having sufficiently developed your business, you will be able to afford to delegate all the work to other people and continue to grow rich passively.

8. Money needs to be loved

Perhaps the most important thing on the path to financial freedom is the love of money. You need to think, talk about them, constantly look for new ways to increase capital. This activity should bring pleasure and excitement. Only with a genuine interest in finance can you figure out how to increase them.

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki

Finding a calling in life is happiness, but it is different for everyone. In his book, Robert Kiyosaki wrote that he dreamed of becoming a pilot. But the passion for business and big investments overshadowed the love of flying. But he is sure that he would not give up his previous dream if he really burned it. After all, many people are doing what they love, for little money or for free, and they are sincerely happy.

Kiyosaki believes that becoming rich is easy if you believe that this is your calling. You can find a lot of tips on how to get rich, study all books about finances and try a lot of ways to invest. But to come to full financial freedom is possible only when it is your passion.


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