Sure win Forex strategy-The best templates

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Sure win Forex strategy.


Sure win Forex strategy
Sure win Forex strategy

Free download SRC INDICATOR

  • Measures the magnitude of recent price changes to assess the overbought or oversold conditions of the price of any financial market.
  • Provides traders with information on bullish or bearish potential price momentum.
  • Divergence detector in any financial market.
  • Standard RSI calculation combined with weighted moving average (WMA) and smoothing period functions.
  • Colored clouds informing market participants about the current market sentiment or the dynamics of the price of any asset.
  • Vertical transparent colors above the SRC line, indicating the intersection of the SRC line above or below a certain threshold of the two extreme levels of the oscillator indicator.


Sure win Forex strategy
Sure win Forex strategy

Free download Forex PROX System

Forex PROX High Accurate Signal System is a non-redrawing forex trading system. The system is very consistent and provides you with very profitable trading signals. You will get more trading opportunities in the trend. The system is guaranteed with very high-profit margins. The system provides you with the best money management system.

The system offers two types of signals:

1) Buy and sell signals for small pullbacks (small arrows)
2) Buy and sell signals for large pullbacks (large arrows)

The difference is:

Minor pullbacks fix a smaller market correction within the main trend and are designed to quickly enter a trend if the
market direction is changing too quickly. Therefore, they are much more aggressive.
Large pullbacks capture larger, normal market corrections within the underlying trend and are much less significant.

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SwingForce Indicator

Sure win Forex strategy
Sure win Forex strategy

Free Download Swing Force Indicator

It is a signal indicator that shows the trend change / continuation.

It will automatically recognize the support and if you break it, you will get a sign.

If you break in the trend direction, the letters “Continuation” and the sign will appear, and if you break in the opposite direction of the trend, the letters and the sign “Reversal” will appear.

It can be used to see the trend direction of the market, and it can also be used as a reference when aiming for a break in the order.

Quake Sm Indicator

Sure win Forex strategy
Sure win Forex strategy

Free Download Quake Sm Indicator

The Quake Sm 5 em 1 V2 indicator trading system is designed for intraday trading on the forex market. When analyzing, the main attention should be paid to the indicators in the basement of the chart. If the readings of all basement indicators coincide, you should open a Buy / Sell order. It is also worth considering the support/resistance zones for a more accurate market entry. Trading is carried out on timeframes from M5 and higher. StopLoss is set for the previous minimum / maximum. TakeProfit: 50-100 pips, or exit the position by the opposite signal.

FXOE-Signal Indicator

Sure win Forex strategy
Sure win Forex strategy

Free Download FXOE-Signal Indicator

The FXOE-Signal 3 trading system is designed for trading on the binary options market. The system consists of only two indicators: a signal switch and a regression channel. The trade should be opened in the direction of the arrow (with the opening of a new candle after the signal) and only from the channel borders, the remaining signals of the arrow should be ignored.

  • Timeframe: M5
  • Expiry: 5 minutes


Sure win Forex strategy
Sure win Forex strategy

Free Download MTF_OrderblocksV3_0

It is not easy to recognize multi-timeframe order blocks, so this tool will help you. Not many traders trade profitably and many of them are inconsistent because they miss all important structures when looking at individual timeframes. As soon as you move to multiple time frames, you will see a completely different picture of the movement of the markets.

Always look at 4 timeframes of the same pair, h1, h4, d1, W1, and as soon as you do this, look for the structure and after confirming it, wait for the reversal pattern.

Point of entru

Sure win Forex strategy
Sure win Forex strategy

Free Download Point of entru

The Point of entru trading system for trading in the binary options market with an expiration of 1 candle shows fairly accurate entry points. The arrow is not redrawn after the candlestick formation. The trade is entered from the level/zone to the next candlestick after the arrow. The recommended timeframe is М15-М30.


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