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SSRC Smoothed Forex Indicator
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The best forex trading system SSRC Indicator is a non-repaint indicator. From this indicator, you can get some feeling about the trend. you can change indicator settings as you wish. But, not recommend use alone. Once the indicator changes colour you must confirm your entry point with your analysis. If your main indicator gave the signal, then you must analyze & confirm from other confirmations. If your analysis good definitely your trade moves in your direction as you wish.

Best Rules for The best forex trading system SSRC Indicator.

This non-repaint indicator forecast signal as the correct time. non-lagging. not later appear, not disappear. So, the indicator will give good support to take good decisions. If you are trading in a 1-hour time frame change display time for 4 hours. That settings best for trend trading. If you are scalper trader don’t need to change display time of indicator settings.

We can’t catch the whole pips between 24 hours. Forex market volatility will change in some sessions. So we must select what market session best for us. what are the Forex market sessions? which are Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York. Sydney session is good for AUD currency pairs. Tokyo session is good for JPY currency pairs. London session is good for EURO currency pairs & New York session good for USD pairs.

As a good habitual you can enter to trade after high impact Forex market news. Anyway, don’t enter to trade with guessing. Guess & trade not recommended when Forex trading. Anyway nobody can’t tell the future about the Forex market trend. It depends on Forex market news. Forex market news depends on economical & political decisions. If actual news is greater than forecast, the Forex market will be stronger. If actual news is lower than forecast Forex market will be weak. However, wait half & hour to enter a Forex trade after high impact news.

When indi. change to pink thinner candle.

When indi. change to Green thinner candle.

Don’t take Entry, Exit, TP, SL only alone from this indicator.

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